Cúram - Year Head Training

Year Head Training

A practical session to unpack the role of Year Head across all the key areas – learning, spirit, behaviour, well-being and operational. The session works with the specific needs of the team to ensure application of the approaches will be effective. Led by Luke Monahan, author of the handbook: Year Heads Making a Difference – Developing and Resourcing the Role. He has worked with year heads in hundreds of schools over many years.

Very informative & practical “school focused and realistic” this is of huge importance, staffs are really looking for this support.
Marcella A.
Learned about my leadership style and how to manage conflict as well as integrating what I do with LAOS.
James C.
Practical tips and examples from the examples of the facilitators work in schools very useful as a new post holder.
Michelle M.
Very well presented with very knowledgeable presenters – found out so much about myself as a leader.
Eimear S.
Very beneficial, even to a teacher who does not have a post.
Lauren E.
Would highly recommend this programme. Sessions are fully tailored to the needs of the role and both facilitators are hugely helpful throughout.
Conor M.
An excellent programme with two inspiring facilitators. Linking LAOS to what we are doing day to day. Leadership skills and practical ways to deal with others sharing examples and solutions.
Paula C.
Relates to day to day running of school, enjoyable and interactive. Two brilliant facilitators who are both very knowledgeable.
Megan S.

Reflective practice is a key component supported by examples demonstrating theory in practice. Informative,  both speakers highly engaging.

Stephen H.