Cúram - Pat Courtney

Pat Courtney

Pat has provided CPD on Bullying to schools and parents for over 14 years: He was national Anti-Bullying Coordinator of the SPHE Support Service (2009-2014). He was Team Leader of the Department of Education pilot anti-bullying programme for second level schools-The Dublin Cool School Pilot Programme (2006-2009). Pat was Education Officer with The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (North Eastern Health Board, HSE) and helped develop the Cool School Anti-Bullying Programme (2000-2005).

He is a member of the Teaching Council and worked as Assistant Principal in St. Kevin’s Community College (1991-2000).

He is co-author of the following Cool School Publications:

  • “Responding to Bullying: First Steps for Teachers”
  • “Investigating and Resolving Bullying: Further Steps for Teachers”
  • “Bullying In Secondary Schools: What Parents Need to Know”
  • “RUBN Bullied: Tips for Teens”

His services include anti-bullying support at Primary and Post Primary level:

  • Whole staff seminars on bullying and cyber bullying
  • Training for relevant teachers on investigating and resolving bullying
  • Seminars for parents
  • Classroom work with pupils on countering bullying and developing positive relationships
  • Work with student councils
  • Individual consultations