Cúram - Year Heads Making a Difference

Year Head Handbook – Extended Second Edition

A very practical handbook with 225 pages of guidance on every aspect of the role of year head. The handbook draws from work that Luke Monahan has done with thousands of year heads across all sectors. This resource is full of tried and tested approaches, tips and tools to ensure that year heads are equipped to make a real difference as a year head.

Section headings include:

The five dimensions of the role – Learning – Spirit – Wellbeing – Behaviour – Operational

  • Getting the Relationships Right
  • Team and leadership
  • Spirit, Ethos & Values
  • Learning & the Year Head
  • Working with Parents
  • Students in Difficulty
  • Operational aspects & planning

…and 34 resource templates.

Book Review (NAPD Journal)

“Year Heads Making a Difference provides invaluable advice, recommendations and resources for any year head. It is instrumental in creating a greater understanding of and support for the challenging role of the year head.”

Sheila Drumm

Order Details:

  • 20 Euro each for four or more copies plus post & packing
  • 25 Euro each for one to three copies plus post & packing

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