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Values & Ethos

One of the core competencies of Cú is in the area of facilitating the articulation of values and their practical implementation in the school community for the benefit of all. It is this bridging of the gap between vision and the reality of day to day school life that is essential if work on vision and mission is to have any real relevance.

Our approach involves:

  • Facilitating a process within school communities to engage with, espouse and enact the core values at the heart of the particular school and/or network of schools
  • Assist in capturing the values of the school/network of schools in a Charter or Vision Statement
  • Guidance and assistance in preparing materials and resources for schools in relation to the new Charter or Vision Statement
  • Support the development of resource personnel in each school to be advocates for the vision statement
  • Resource induction/ethos/Trust development programs for new staff and key personnel such as Board members, management and pastoral teams
  • Provide focused support around embedding the values of the vision statement/charter to principals, Chairs of Boards, key pastoral personnel
  • Assist in preparing resources and process of engagement with parents and students around the values of the Trust and their translation into the daily life of the school

Our experience in this area is significant - we have worked in the area of vision and ethos across all sectors in Irish education in the context of individual schools and in small and large networks of schools. Our contention is that each school has a distinctive ethos that is alive in the day to day life of the school – our work has been to ensure that the stated and actual ethos are in close and effective relationship for the benefit and enhancement of all in the school community.

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