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Policy Development

Boards of Management as the governing bodies of the school are charged with responsibility for ensuring that appropriate school policies are drawn up in consultation with all the education partners, properly implemented and reviewed on a timely basis. Certain policies are mandatory under education law, specifically the Education Act 1998 and the Education (Welfare) Act 2000 while other policies are desirable to ensure compliance with best practice in educational management.

It should be borne in mind that while the Board of Management is the governing body of the school, the school Principal and the in-house school senior management team (SMT) are responsible for the day to day management of the school. De facto therefore, initiation of a new policy or a review of an existing policy will often be initiated by the school SMT together with the academic staff and after a period of consultation with the parent body through the parents’ council and the students through the students’ council will forward the new or revised policy to the Board of Management for review, amendment and formal approval. In addition, certain policies such as admissions and enrolment, because they are underpinned by the philosophy of the characteristic spirit (S.15 Ed. Act) or ethos of the school must be approved by the Trustees in their role as legal Patron. It should be noted, however, that the Board cannot abdicate its ultimate de jure responsibility for the legally binding policies required under the two Acts of the Oireachtas. Cú personnel have been involved with many schools in developing policies using standard templates initially but customising same so as to ensure they are appropriate to specific school situations. We have recently engaged with a number of schools in reviewing their code of behaviour policy ensuring it is in line with the National Education Welfare Board’s statutory guidelines and the Education (Welfare) Act 2000.

The specific policies that Cú personnel have assisted in include:

  • Admissions and enrolment policy
  • Code of Behaviour
  • Inclusion
  • Pastoral Care
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Crisis Response
  • Ethos, Vision and Mission
  • Dignity in the Workplace
  • Religious Education (especially in the light of mixed ethnic and religious groups)
  • Appointments procedures
  • Extra curricular

We have also assisted in the following areas:

  • Legal proofing of policies
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Templates for core policies
  • Process guidelines for development and review of policies
  • Staff facilitation sessions
  • Board facilitation sessions

Cú personnel are available by telephone and e-mail to discuss and answer any questions you may have on the area of policy development and review. There is no fee for any initial consultation. Thereafter if required, we can customise a specific service package in line with your particular requirements.

Typically this would include:

  • On site meeting to discuss specific requirements
  • Preparation of training documentation
  • Reviewing and critiquing existing policy
  • Half day facilitation training session with school personnel
  • Setting time-line and establishing an action committee to oversee project
  • Follow up written report for school and Chairperson of the Board.

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