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Tutor & Year Head Training & New Year Head Handbook

The personnel at Cú have a long history in providing schools across the country with resources and training to support the key pastoral roles of Class Tutor, Year Head and Care Teams. In addition the pastoral approaches of any school are supported through the various tranining programmes and publications available The most significant of these programmes include:

Class Tutor and Year Head Training – this half day seminar is the most requested. It has been constantly updated with many schools taking the programme up again to support in a concrete way its Tutor’s and Year Heads.

Visit our Seminars Page on this site to get more detail on what each programme involves and how it can be tailored to your specific school context. There is also information on the very practical handbook - The Tutor's Companion that will further resource your Tutors and Year Heads.

New Year Head Handbook now available - 225 pages of practical resources for the role, covering every aspect - see pdf download on home page for further details.

Alternatively, contact Luke at:
T: 087 6876569 E: W:

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