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Year Head Resources - JMB & Curam

The Joint Managerial Body & Curam have united to provide a comprehensive resource to leaders in the area of the Year Head role. Luke Monahan of Curam has been commissioned to work with the JMB to provide a range of initiatives and resources around the role of Year Head. Recognising his long standing contribution in this area, the JMB wish to in the first instance support school management in the development of the role. To this end the JMB have organised nine regional seminars where Luke will lead a practical focused sessions for principals and deputies. These sessions have already begun to excellent reviews - over 1000 teachers, principals, deputy principals involved - new cohorts beginning in October. Luke has produced a comprehensive handbook for the JMB to accompany these sessions - click on to the JMB site - for details of the next sessions. 

Also Luke runs inschool seminars for Year Head teams across the country - contact us for further details. A second edition of the new Handbook is now available for all sectors... see pdf download on homepage for further details...


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