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Further Education & Training

The Further Education and Training sector in Ireland is fast expanding and responding with innovation and commitment to the challenges facing its education, training and employment sectors.

Curam has developed key partnerships in this sector and is responding to the very particular concerns and issues that are emerging for Further Education and Training. We have developed a dedicated support service in this area including:

  • Leadership and management development in the FE Sector
  • Strategic planning for Colleges - providing best practice consultancy & resources
  • Professional development for management teams & course co-ordinators
  • Course development - responsiveness to current employment needs
  • Quality Assurance - embedding a culture of QA in the College
  • Teaching and Learning in the FE Sector - a focus on the core activity
  • Linking with employers/community - creating key partnerships for the future
  • Harnessing the benefits of ICT to enhance management information systems

The Curam Further Education and Training Department will work with your College at leadership, management, staff and student levels to address the unique opportunities and challenges now presenting themselves to this sector. Our expanded Curam Associate panel contains people of significant expertise and experience in this area. Our lead associate in this area is Pat Maunsell. He is currently leading a large further education College in the Mid-West with long experience in the field. Contact us for a consultation or if you have an enquiry.

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