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Discipline & Behaviour

Cú has been involved in supporting many schools and Boards in this challenging area. Cú personnel have very wide national and international experience in this field. We provide practical and effective responses through the variety of our services ensuring school communities
can address issues of behaviour with confidence and competence. These services include:

Staff training and inservice:

  • Seminars tailored to the needs of each school context are facilitated.
  • Addressing the particular discipline and behaviour issues of each school from low level disruption to serious behavioural issues.
  • Review of Code of Behaviour and its renewal in line with the NEWB statute based guidelines.
  • Providing concrete and effective strategies to staff.
  • Approaches to dealing with challenging situations.
  • Means to motivating students.
  • Training and resources for Behaviour Committees and Year Head Teams.
  • Individual consultancy for management teams.

Legal and Consultancy Services:

Cú have developed a range of services to support in-school Management Boards, and Trusts/Patrons in the area of discipline.

These include:

  • Supporting in-school management and Boards address challenging issues.
  • Briefing Boards on best practice and legal issues in the area of discipline and behaviour.
  • Working with insurance and legal bodies to support management and Boards address concerns or specific legal issues.

Cú’s independent status is of crucial value in this challenging arena. This enables us to work with all sides - staff, parents, management and others who may be involved in what are often complex issues. Our experience and expertise provide all concerned with the confidence that issues around discipline and behaviour can be addressed with competence. Our relationships with the relevant bodies are an added resource in dealing with issues in the most effective manner.

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